About Northstar

About Northstar

Discover Their Potential

Since 1996, Northstar Academy has helped students from a variety of backgrounds and with an array of needs to discover their true potential.

Front of Northstar Academy in Autumn

Northstar Academy is a unique and highly successful non-profit school serving children in grades K-12. We promote educational excellence and career opportunities for students with disabilities who have academic, physical and social challenges.

At Northstar Academy, we value people over labels.  We ensure an educational experience that is both traditional and unconventional, recognizing the unique needs of each student. While using innovative methods to unlock student talents, we recognize our students’ desires to participate in activities that will enrich their school experiences. We provide state-of-the-art technology in our classrooms in order to give our students every possibility for accessing the curriculum and expressing themselves. We provide vocational and educational support as our upper school students plan for their future, and we are here to support them in their life pursuits. We give our students a place to call their educational home.

Our faculty and staff are experts in serving a range of disabilities, and we welcome children whom other schools may have struggled to serve. Here, these students find an inclusive environment where academics are customized to their specific needs and abilities — and a fulfilling social life is at their fingertips.

Northstar Academy focuses on preparing students for life after graduation, so our programs center on both educational and personal development. From social skills classes to academics to extracurricular activities, we design each program to inspire students to achieve more than anyone thought possible.



Lower School ( Grades K-5 )

  • Curriculum and overall experience designed to build a strong foundation for future learning and success, giving each student the opportunity to achieve their full potential
  • An environment where every child feels welcomed and valued
  • A tailored educational approach based on the unique learning style, strengths and challenges of each student
  • Multi-sensory strategies with the integration of technology
  • Research-based curriculum including the Lindamood-Bell Language Program (LIPS, Visualizing & Verbalizing, Seeing Stars) and Lindamood-Bell Math Program (On Cloud Nine Math), Handwriting without Tears and Touch Math, as well as science, social studies, social skills, computer technology, physical education, music and a robust art program (available in all grades).

Middle School ( Grades 6-8 )

  • Curriculum designed to challenge students and foster independence
  • Daily advisory classes focused on learning and practicing the social skills that are crucial during this period of a student’s growth and development
  • Focused attention on the development of critical thinking and executive function skills
  • An open athletic program encouraging every student to participate and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Self-expression through cross-curricular opportunities in art and music
  • Extra-curricular activities including clubs, dances, talent shows, pep squad and our annual arts festival.
  • Transition Program Foundational Elements

Upper School ( Grades 9-12 )

  • Curriculum designed to emphasize character development, self-determination and self-advocacy
  • Customized student schedules based on future goals and graduation requirements
  • Skill development focused on living independently, building job skills and preparing for post-secondary education
  • Transition Program for grades 9 – 12 (and our 13th year Super Seniors) with innovative support services for students’ preparation for successful transition after graduation
  • College-bound students receive coaching for college study and for the admissions process
  • Partnership with GRASP (GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program) to help students develop a game plan for life after Northstar that matches their interests and abilities, while also helping overcome motivational and financial challenges of pursuing these goals.

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