Academics & Programs

Academics & Programs

Discover Their Potential

Since 1996, Northstar Academy has helped students from a variety of backgrounds and with an array of needs to discover their true potential.



Northstar is different from other schools in extraordinary ways. Our students are creative, multi-talented and engaged, and they also learn in different ways that Northstar understands, supports and celebrates. We recognize our students’ exceptional talents, capitalize on their strengths and show them how their nontraditional approach to problem-solving and achievement is uniquely suited for 21st century success. Our innovative arts-infused curriculum has carved a niche that places Northstar at the forefront of educating students who learn differently. Northstar is widely recognized for serving a student population of diverse abilities and challenges utilizing strategies and curriculum backed by groundbreaking research and professional resources that help our students reach their highest aspirations.


At Northstar, we believe every child should have the opportunity to:

  • Experience an education that identifies student strengths and approaches their differences as advantages
  • Learn from teachers who identify the tangible ways by which a student’s unique approach to learning will position them for the demands of our 21st century
  • Benefit from an approach that doesn’t define them by their challenges, but instead works to uncover their individual skills and inspires them to achieve their greatest potential
  • Participate in an authentic school experience including academic, social and extracurricular activities
  • To thrive in an environment where educators celebrate that their brain works differently and allow that difference to develop into a highly-valued strength
  • Be a part of a supportive learning community and develop lasting friendships

Accredited through Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF) Northstar Academy’s customized academic approach blends experience, expertise and an array of research-based strategies to help students discover, develop and achieve their unique potential. We provide a comprehensive education that combines traditional academic subjects with enriching electives such as art, technology, foreign language, music and athletics.


We customize students’ educational plans to their unique needs and ground the curriculum in the Virginia State Department of Education Standards of Learning. Our rigorous academic programs support students seeking higher education and more than two thirds of our graduating seniors attend college. Regardless of their long-term goals, each student benefits from an individually developed education plan that encourages them to fulfill their potential.

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