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Career Academy – Meet Our Faculty

Meet our Faculty

“The teachers and staff go above and beyond every day to help our young adults be successful at work. They give encouragement and teach the skills needed so that students are prepared to work.”  Parental Quote


Meet our Faculty!

Facsimile (804)716-2020


Holly Peele, Director
(804) 918-5181 x101      Bio

Catie Huennekens, Assistant Director
(804) 918-5181 x110      Bio

Lisa Barker, Materials Handling Teacher
(804) 918-5181      Bio

Nancy Creecy, IEP-IAP Case Manger
(804) 918-5181 x105      Bio

Tricia Dance, Veterinary Assisting Teacher
(804) 918-5181      Bio

Sarabeth Hancock, Business Administration Teacher
& Hospitality Teacher
(804) 918-5181      Bio

Jon LeFleor, Construction and Maintenance Teacher
(804) 918-5181      Bio


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